OK. So its the seaaon of rain, rain and more rain. Everytime I want to go out, I’ve got to check that my umbrella is right inside my bag as I do not want the rain to catch me unawares.

I came across the beautiful ankara umbrella by BABATUNDE STYLES. Talk about elevating normal to unique! It fuses functionaly and style  and in essence, captures the brilliant uniqueness and vbrant spirit that ankara is known for. I absolutely love it. I wil find out where it can be gotten but in the meantime, enjoy these pictures




Let me know in the comment section how you will rock this umbrella





The rainy season is here, and while i’m glad its not hot, the weather where i live tends to change its mind pretty quickly.

So I’ve put together a few things necessary to stay fabulous this season.

1. Umbrella: this is the season’s must have to keep your hair, face and clothes dry. You could go for the long ones or the colapsible ones which easily fit into a bag. Go for a sturdy black colour, a floral print or a stylish fancy colour.


2. Water proof bag: Work (or school) continues,  whether it rains or not, so there is need for a protective covering for your stuff. A handbag is a precious essential for a girl. Get a water proof one to keep all valueables, phones, ipad and documents water free. Big plastic tote bags or clear carry all are a chic option.


3. Make up: a messy face does not a fabulous style make. Invest in water proof makeup like mascara, lip stick, lip gloss to ensure that even if the rain catches up with you, your makeup wont be runing down your face. A good primer will keep your face all set and lip mostriser will take care of your lips on a wet day.

4. Foot wear: take care of your feet during this season. Either invest in a stylish sandal (and change to your shoes when you get to your destination) or go for rain boots that will complement your outfits.

5. Skin care: keep your skin fresh and hydrated by using a good skin lotion with no oil base. Follow your skin care regimen to keep your skin youthful.

6. Head gear: a warm, knitted head gear, a floppy hat or a head scarf, is perfect for keeping you warm and protecting your hair.

Floppy hat
Head warmer
Head warmer
Events We Love



Gospel Fusion Meets Runway, a yearly event that takes place in Calabar, Cross River state, is set to its 2015 edition.

This year’s edition is tagged CHRINICLES OF TIME, and brings together 10 designers and 30 models to showcase the best of fashion and catwalk down the runway.

The designers include Afifimma Couture, Buttons by Maureen, Paparazzi Wears, Victorio Couture, Awuklins, House of Dagladash, Design by Annie, Emmy kasbit, La’Shakara,  Stiches by Sally, Weiz Dhurm Franklyn and Chiroma Banks.

The event is hosted by Rod and Staff. Date is Sunday, the 19th of July; Time is 6pm, Venue is Transcorp Hotel.



All About That Base

Hey there,


I’ve been AWOL *covers face* i’m so sorry. i promise to do better.


Today, lets talk Body Measurement. To get the exact fit of an outfit requires exact measurement of the body. And sewing is more practical if the right measurements are taken. so what and where should be measured?

Body Measurement


when i’m measuring, i usually do two types of measurements. the Horizontal and the vertical

the Horizontal measurements are: Shoulders  (from the point where the arm joins the collarbone, across the back, to the other arm), over bust, bust, under bust, waist, hips. For these measurements, the tape rule goes all around the body

the vertical measurements begin from the point wear the neck joins the shoulder down to the over bust, bust, under bust,  waist, hips, etc

if im making a pair of shorts or trousers, i start measuring from the waistline to where i want the short/trousers to stop.

here;s  what my measurement look like



Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section 🙂




Image source: naddasbrides.com



Brand Lessons Learned From Election

This is a FASHION/STYLE blog, a SEWING/DIY BLOG. This is not a political blog.

I just wanted to make that clear.

However, make no mistakes, the political parties, like fashion house, stylists and every other job, business or career, are brands. And like every brand, require branding strategies to boost their standing with the populace (and clients :)) . It is these branding methods that either make or mar every business and decide whether we believe in them or not.

So from the just concluded elections,  here are a few lessons l learned:

1. Practice what you Preach. Your clients are not fools. Actions always speak louder thank words

2. One person cannot do it all, it takes a team, a great team, to win. Pick the right team.

3. Even though you use the 90/10 rule, i.e. 90 percent of your income comes from 10 percent of your client and vice versa, take care of the remaining 90 percent of your client. They matters, carry them along.

4. Luck can fizzle out, people need to believe in your work, your brand, your product offering. Make them believe

5. Patience is a virtue, Apathy is not.

6. No decision is ever too small or too big for your personal input. Especially if you are the face they see. Your clients need to see/know that you care.

7. It may seem that your clients really need you, however, be warned. They do have a choice. Don’t take them for granted, you need them too.

8. Interaction is key. Use every means necessary, telephone, email, social media. Listen to what they say, how they say, where they say and when they say. Read between the lines too

9. You are on a journey, don’t give up. Hit a roadblock? Re-strategize, change plan. Focus on what you want and go for it. Have faith in yourself.

10. In the face of competition/opposition/confrontations, meltdowns are unnecessary. It only hurts your brand and makes you look weak. Keep calm. Channel your inner Jega.  This too shall pass.

All the best






|Ankara Wednesday

hello people,

This post was supposed to come out yesterday but due to network issues, i had to do it today.IMG_1531

Ankara fabrics are one of a kind, its almost like they are alive. There’s so much energy, colour and vitality in them, that whatever you use it to make just comes out looking super fly.

i made this trousers and i rocked them yesterday. hope you like them too

IMG_1527 IMG_1526 IMG_1525


Shirt/Belt/Shoes – A boutique in Calabar

Trousers – Self Made





hello people,

So i had to attend a wedding today and after like 5 tries, decided on this outfit.IMG_1495

I got this outfit sometime in December, 2014, but this is like the second time I’m wearing it.IMG_1497 IMG_1499 IMG_1505 IMG_1506 IMG_1508 IMG_1509 IMG_1510 IMG_1511 IMG_20150321_122436 IMG_20150321_122441 IMG_20150321_122445

The wedding was great, by the way.  I met a lot of people and even made a new friend (AK)IMG_20150321_122547IMG_20150321_122506[2]IMG_20150321_122520[2]I don’t know what i was pointing at (lol)


My Dress – ASOS

My Shoe – Shoe City

Have a great weekend!!!